Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mariahs B-day Dinner Pictures At Bella's Italian resturant.

Pics From Bella's

Mariahs Birthday

Mariah Elizabeth Campana.

Age: 12
Birthday: June 25th 1996

Here is a few little quiz's about Mariah!

Whats The name of Mariahs most famous song?LOL

A. Green acres
B. Johnny Doe boy
C. Blue bells of Scotland
D. Yankee doodle

What is 2 of her most famous acts? ( Bohhanahs!) ;)
A. Granny
B. Mr.freeze
C. Piano shock
D. Volt shock
E. Choir

What is Mariahs most common Nickname!

A. Mia mouse
B. Maria santiago
C. Mimi
D. Sissy
E. Mim

Okay, Thats all!
Leave a comment with your answers!

A teaparty! Hosted By the Orenzack Ladys!

We shall start the posts with this! Lol


This was unexpected. ( Olivia!) LOL

A very lovely shot of Olivia!

Olivia's Ice water.
( I had no clue what this was until Mariah told me!)

Some of the tables

You do not want to know how long it took us to take this picture!
I won't give out the names, but there was 2 certain young lady's who where the comedians of the table!
Can you guess who?

The little girlie's table!

And finally,
the picture the " 2 comedians"

have been waiting for!

time to take pictures!

The Bohhanah Lady's
(how do you spell it? ) :(

The Stone Lady's

The Orenzack Lady's

The Campana Lady's (us)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008