Monday, March 19, 2012

Ski and Snowboarding trip!

February our family went on a Skiing trip that Willie had put together (Thanks Willie!).
We had soo much fun! And we where extremely blessed by the dear Kendall family's hospitality!

Early in the morning we headed of to the ski resort with Christiana and Hunter,
We had soo much fun singing, talking and listening to Christiana's stories ; )

Well don't they look excited (and sleepy, ;)

Poco all ready to go, and enjoying a couple of gummy-worms :)

Here's Gab's after a slight fall :)

My Gracie girl!


Love this picture of you Christiana!

That's my boy, I loved watching him snowboard!

Jay, he too was an awesome snowboader!

Us girls on our way up...

What a cute face.

Chandler and Prentiss...such a fun couple!




Here's Frank in action!



Another picture of the fabulous Gibbles! 

 It was so much fun to watch daddy ski!


This is one of our favorite pictures of the whole trip!
Notice the Daisy in the back...

...And this is the second favorite...(Before and after! LOL)

My family,with the exception of myself and Nick :(

Posing for a picture.


 Saturday evening, the Kendalls put together a Little marriage conf. 

Enjoying the delicious meal Mrs.Kendall prepared!!!!

I love my parents!!!!!!

A sweet friend and her adorable niece Rensley!!

Until Next time,

Alyssa and Mariah

Monday, March 12, 2012

A post of Randomness by Gracia...

Hi Everyone,  
This is Gracia here,
and I'm going to share some fun
pics I like, with you.
hope you enjoy! 

"Am I cute enough to have another cookie?"

This is so funny it made Frankie, Mariah, and me Laugh!

"whooo...This is so much grass!"

The real deal! Lol

Pretty Flowers

    Really, really, Pretty!

Thanks  For stopping in !
Gracia <3

Friday, March 09, 2012

Danny and Bethany's Wedding!

We where so blessed to be able to attend the Marriage ceremony of two dear friends,
We love you Danny and Beth!

Mia Sorella singing...

Mia bella Madre!

Here comes the bride!

Cutsie Essie!

This is adorable! 

LOL ya'lls facial expressions are the best!

Gabs and Shelby, such a fun pair.

"I really mustache you a question...but I'll shave it for later..." :)

Two amigos...they go way back! :)
( Woody and Buzz)

If you don't believe my stories true ask the blind guy...he saw it too! ...

... :)

Such a cute couple!

( insert-caption)

Sweet Friends!

Arrivi derci!

The Campana family...