Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christ-mas!!!!

Merry Christmas!
I hope every one is enjoying themselves!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blog Award!

Hi Every-one!
Me and Mariah got a blog award from:

And so we must write five things we like to do or love!
And then give the award to five other people!

So Here they are!
(For me),

1. Reading 2.Going to the beach 3. Baking 4.Playing the Piano 5. Traveling

And here they are again!
(For Mariah)

1. Photography 2.Writing in my journal 3.Singing 4.Traveling 5. Going to the beach.

Okay now we shall pick five other people!

1. Bethany S.

2. The Roub Ladies

3. The Morton Ladies

4. Angela H.

We know we only did four.

~Alyssa And Mariah~

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Roberts Visit / Our Day

Hello every one in the Blog-world!!!!!
I'm Here with Norma and Daisy ( Roberts).
Daisy was just recently clobbered by about....let's see..... maybe... about like a 100 oranges!
Yep, Poor Daisy!!!!!!

The Boy's went down to get the Roberts van and just got back!!!
We (Me,Norma and Daisy) just got back from looking at it!!

It's pretty cold down here in Florida at this moment. :)
We made some boring videos at the grove today and are planning to make"better" ones tonight. L.O.L.

We are also planning to play "RISK"

This Really Boring (I know)
Norma told me to write all this!!!!!!
( just kidding)
She helped!

Norma wants me to put a joke ( or two) on so I am!

Q. Why did the man put his money in the freezer?
A. He wanted cold hard cash!

Doctor doctor I keep forgetting things.
What was that?
What was what?!

Doctor doctor I feel like a pair of curtains
Pull your self together!

Doctor doctor, I think I need glasses.
Waiter: You certainly do, you've just walked into a fast food joint!!

Patient: Doctor, doctor I only have 59 seconds to live
Doctor: Wait a minute!

Police: "I'm sorry, but I have to bring you in for driving 90 miles an hour."
Driver:"But sir, that's impossible, I've only been driving for ten minutes at the most."

Okay that's it!!!

Alyssa, Norma and Daisy

Monday, December 08, 2008

For Andrew Morton in honor of his deer!!!

Okay Andrew this is For you!!!

(And for any-one else who might be interested!!) L.O.L


Oh by the way,

Thank you to Amy B. who let us use there Camera! :)


Sunday, December 07, 2008

Bohanna Family SURPRISE baby shower!

Hi every one,
Our usual Friday dinner was a little different than usual!!!

First : It was on a Wednesday!
Second: Most of the people that came wore black and white!
Third:There was Decorative Black and White Dishes!
Fourth: Black and White Desserts!

You may be wondering why so much black and white?
It all revolves around a Stroller!!!!!

Yes folks here is that stroller!

We hosted a baby shower for our dear friends The B. family on that Wednesday!

Every one arrived as usual ate supper and enjoyed fellowship with each other( as usual) ;).
But than while we where all sitting in the Living room Mr.R. Said for every-one to shout surprise,
Which every one did ( even the B.'s!)
And then out came the cake and then The Stroller!
It was a good Joke!!!!!

Just thought you might enjoy hearing a bit more than seeing just Picture's.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Bohannas SURPRISE baby shower and visits and Ben's B-day!

Talking on how we met the B's.

Playing the "baby food" game!!!
(Mr.Orenzack and Mr.Gray)

Mr. and Mrs.Gray
Oh and "Muffin" ( Sarah-Jane)

Mr and Mrs.Orenzack

Nick and Lily

Mr. Bohannan

Cutting the cake!

Brennan Roubs Violin was soooooo cute
I think all the Kids were having fun playing a Violin that was there size! Gracia Playing Brennan's Violin



Mom and Alyssa in the Kitchen


We where blessed to have the B. Family over our house 2 days in a row,
The B. gentlemen help daddy with the Van,
And the ladies kept us company,
And help with much in-doors!

Gracia & Ginger

Icing the cake for Ben's Birthday!


Dad Nick, and Mr. Bohannan working on our van!

The crew!


The inside

Monday, December 01, 2008

Hamster And Hamster Names!

Howdy every-one,
I thought I would write about hamsters today!

Some of you know that we had owned a hamster for almost
a year but a month before the year she died. :(
Her name was Samantha-Marty-Norma-Lucy,
But we called her Samantha for short.
( did I mention she was Gracia's and Gabby's Hamster?)
She was pre-owned by our friends the Bohannan's.
She is notoriously know for living through 2 families of 7 children!

Well any how after she died(Samantha)
Gracia began setting up little tables selling stuff that she found around the house... to us!
For what you may ask?.........A hamster fund!!!!!
Yes everywhere you went there was little hand written signs saying :
"donate to the hamster fund" e.t.c.
And once for instance I was doing dishes and Gracia came and said,
"sign this"
After signing it she informed me that I had to "pay" a certain amount.

Oh, Another instance....
We where at the grove and Gracia was seen with her little back-pack
( with apples and rice cakes)
Heading down the road, along with a small box,
Which said: "Dollar store",
She got to the end of the road and began to hold up her sign!
(Of course we went and got her)

So Gracia's total is about: $9.00 in cash and change!

Your probably wondering what is the sense of this whole post is..
I really don't know!!!! L.o.l.

But any how, we have been coming up with hamster names so
I thought you might enjoy reading them!
To know joke names from serious here's a little help:
* Serious **Joke

  1. *John Quincy Adams.
  2. *Chopin
  3. *Beethoven
  4. *Joplin
  5. *Gorge Washington

  1. **Chip*
  2. **Plum*
  3. **Muffin*
  4. **Pip*
  5. **Finley*

  1. Cheese**
She said she doesn't really have any!

These are the ones we are considering...


2.Alvin and the cave
4.The Radio on.

Okay, Jay had a part on this conversation too but I can't remember the one's he said!

And As to Mine and Mariahs names,
We Are serious concerning them!
( Couldn't you picture a fat chunky hamster running around with the name John Quincy Adams!)
So Cute!!!!!!
Mariah's are in honor of Sarah-Jane Gray A.k.a: Muffin,Plum. :)

Let us know which ones you like!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Frankie & Jamse.

Gabby playing "scatagories"!

Ummm.....deep in thought!

Gabby and Melody.


"Kiddie" table!

Frankie and Jamse.....

...I couldn't resist not posting both of these!

Don't look at my answers! L.O.L

He he he!

Tending the Fire.

Chef # 2

Chef # 3 (Mom was chef # 1)

Getting ready for a group picture!