Wednesday, June 25, 2014

More Happenings...

It's always So amazing to see how God opens doors of opportunity! 
The Lord recently brought to us this amazing local ministry called The Masters Workshop.
We can't find anything better we'd rather do with our time and have learned so much and bonded with all the children that come!

Alyssa has used her gift to help lead the children in Worship.


It makes me Smile every time I see these pictures! We were so thrilled to participate in a fun skit called "The Land of the lost" and through it  minister to children in local schools .

Did I mention it was a musical? LOL 

Gabby played as a pharisee... This group had me rolling every time!!!!  they were too perfect.

And of course my personal favorite! the three little pigs! (way too cute)

April brought the marriage of our Friend Jenny S.
Our Family was the official decorators,& drink and food servers. 
The whole weekend was a blast! We enjoyed every second. (one of the cutest weddings ever!) 

Friday afternoon bouquet making. 

Alyssa did a Fantastic job on the favors table. (isn't it charming?!)

The dance floor was painted with all of they're Family brands.

The alter...This is such a cute idea!

 It was nearly midnight when we took this picture!
A good end to a great weekend!


Here now are some pictures from when Alyssa Jay and I took Biology with our HS group. 
We had the best group of kids ever!!! 

Our dear departed specimen, We named him Sebastian. 

LOL our faces!!!

I don't remember what we named our fishy...But I'll never forget the way he smelled and when Hannah Kate,
flung fish juice in my face! LOL

What post is complete without a trip to the Beach!
One very HOT Afternoon Alyssa took all us kiddos down that ah' way.
 We had so much fun! I hope for many more such trips in our  future  summer days!

The burial of Gracia 

I think she's enjoying this.

The place where foot Selfies are appropriate! :)


And now a shout out to my amazing brothers!!! April 15th Jeremiah turned 16 Y.O. and the 16th brought Nicholas' 21st Birthday!!!!! So proud of you guys! LOVE you both loads and loads!

Zack also shares the Birthday month!...Heres some pixs of his celebration! :)
Happy birthday Zack!

His hat adds to the effect. :)

Our frequent choir practices and Performances came to an end for the summer...But as a grand finale we put on a Musical theater  Fundraising night, Complete with songs from the Musicals: "Annie" "phantom", and "frozen"

Our Choir Singing at a local nursing home. 
I'm so proud of all the kids willingness to serve the Lord through they're talents!

A picture from the Theater night.

And...Speaking of music! We were So thrilled to have the opportunity to meet the Jost Family one evening at a Local coffee shop!


Gabby has been doing an amazing Job with her Spring/Summer "Pots Garden" heres one of her lovely flowers!

Our handsome steeds! 

We've been enjoying our horses tremendously! 

Love this picture! 

One Saturday evening at Carabas.

A tribute picture to our departed duck... "Buckie." this picture is just so adorbs!

One afternoon we decided to make the best of a shopping trip... 

Milkshakes and masks... : D  

Sunday afternoons... 

Insisting that we needed an onion for Sunday afternoons lunch,
 Morgan Will, and I searched the garden with great success! :)

Examining one of the newest baby goats, on the Willer Family Farm...He is so cute!

After lunch we all headed to to the beach, to have an "official"surf lesson. :)

Until next time. <3 p="">