Monday, April 09, 2012

Teach them diligently Conf.

Our Family was very blessed this past month to attend a Home-school Conf.
In Greenville SC.
There were so many great talks, and our family went away greatly encouraged!

This is the 2nd and 3rd class passengers, One of those fun pictures you take in the dark,
(Long car trips always come with various newfangled amusements!!!!)

Once again we had the great blessing of staying with the Kendalls!!!

The seem so enthusiastic to see each other, ;)

It was so much fun, getting to know the Fernandez family!

Poco getting a spiffed up...What a Ham.

Jay and the kids loved all the movie making sessions! ( Especially the lego ones)

Our very own brown-eyed girl!

It was so great having our church there, all save the W.'s and P.'s-they were missed! :(  

Another one of those really-caption-worthy- pictures...

I love you Kathleen! 

Friends...we are seriously lacking Mariah, and the B. girls!

Kels and Delany.

Claire and Gracia.

Lauren and Gabs....

...And now Delaney, y'all are so cute!

The Smithies where there!!! 

 Joaquin. What a fun little fella!


We where so blessed by Mark Hamby!

This is great when in a large crowd of people! :)

Mr.Roub always makes us laugh!

Getting ready to watch InDoctrination on the Big Screen!!

It was so fun to see the Adams family!!!!

Eye-spy Frank over there...atop Hunters shoulders. :)

The Knudsons!!!!!


Voddie Baucham had some really great messages! Not to mention, laughs!

The boys really enjoyed the robotics class...

Myself and baby Timothy...what a cutie!

Girls picture!

My two handsome little brothers!

.My pretty sister Mariah!!

Oh look! it's Jay again!

We really enjoyed Armans talk on filming....! ;)

The filmmakers talk...Jay really enjoyed this one.

 The candy at booth # 4 are soo good!

A Random Picture. 

With Mark Hamby.

Mr. Jackson....We love your glasses buddy!!!

It was daddy's b-day Saturday, so Momma ordered him a cake from Publix!!!

Christiana and I... Sweet friend!!!!


My lovely Momma!!

Dinner time chats...



Our traditional cake :)
March 17th is officially St. Daddys Day!

Father and Son..


We were so blessed by Mrs.Kendalls hospitality!

The flash must be blinding! ;P

Little boys...they make me smile
( Providence P. and Poco)

I love this picture!!! So sweet :)

Mr. Ken Ham came by a little later in the evening...that was neat.

More stories from Christiana!!!  I love 'em :)


Fun times, doing dishes!!!!!


On our way to Church. 

We stopped for gas...and Couldn't help taking a picture!
( thanks to Hunter for pointing out that the donkey is "kicking" high-prices...they weren't advertising them, as we thought ;)

We were so blessed to attend the very first Service 
of  a sweet fellowship! 


Aww...wittle baby goats!


New friends...

...Are so much fun :)

Hunters self-portrait.

Its photos like these that you look at and say,"wow I never knew I was that short! "

Farewell picture

"I am not with him.."