Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shuttle Launch...

Hi ya'll,
We had the privilege to be able to see the "historic" shuttle launch of the endeavor!
Here are some of our pictures.

Another "ham" picture.

Handsome brother mine.

There it is!!!

This made us feel so special...VIP!

Daddy really enjoyed this.

Admiring the technology! ;)

Gabbles loved pushing buttons!!

What a cutie.

My Familia.




Arrivi derci!

The Campanas

Friday, May 27, 2011


Good evening all,
After our competition we headed over to St.Augustine...
Wesley and Rachel M. came and we had a blast!
Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.

Flager Collage.

Some architecture for ya'!

Our crowd.

LOL...We love this picture because everyone is laughing!

A Mothers day secret.


Oh yes...He's a HAM!

A very "purty" sign.


 Great Minds...

...Think alike.

Guess who it is?!?

Wesley, Rachel, Joey and William!


Here we is!

I describe this picture as GREEN.



One of St.Augustine's beautiful buildings!

The Fort!

Hey there cutie!

Poco...is cute!


Tacos anyone?

Dreaming of a burrito with cheese.


Handsome Papa.

Table talk.

Table tickle. Too cute!

Scrapbook worthy.


 A tree within a tree!

Parking meter...Interesting.