Friday, July 29, 2011

More Visiting!!...

Hello Everyone,
Not soon after the Roberts left we had the pleasure of having the Dear Thomas family stay with us.
We had a blast getting to know them.

Very excited, I love the expressions!!

A very talented guitarist showing some stuff! ;)


A little tea party...

Frank and Jubilee.
 A.k.a: Jubs and Bubs

We took them to the grove, and the skeeters are horrid.
All watch as Josiah is "drenched" in bug spray! ;)

Our very own HAM.


On our ride home.

At the beach,
Nick once again is buried in the sand...he actually fell asleep!

Sand fights never end...

What kind...


And loving friends! :) :P

Jeremiah never seemed to win that day! :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hello all,
Hope you have had a blessed day!
A few weeks ago we had the Pleasure of having our dear friends the Roberts down for the weekend.
During this time we were able to see the historical launch "Atlantis" up close!
The Lord is so good!
We had such a wonderful time with y'all...come again soon Okay?! :)


 Rose and Gracia (CUTIES!!!)


Awww... so Cute

Laughter... Love you two! :)

A flower for you!


Marty reflects us. :)

Watching & Waiting...

"Where are d' Chips?"

The trail of smoke.

Group shot...

After the Launch we all headed over to the Museum on the base, and looked at some of the old pads, work shops, Rockets, e.c.t.

So sweet


Saturday we headed over to the beach...

And had a burial of nick and Willie so to speak.
Y'all were great sports! :)

Victim #1


An Adorable little Mermaid!

Admiring the Sand Art

No Comment...

do they get any Cuter?

Alyssa and Marty

Beach Bums

Frankie & Ashburn

Hope you've enjoyed!

God bless

~Mariah Campana