Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Alyssa's Surprise B-Day Party!!


Table Settings.

The Guests,Food and Waiting!

The Piece of Artwork By Amy B.

Miss Happy- Gale B.

Place setting.



Amy B. And Kelsey Roub.


In one game we played you where given a sheet of paper
and you where suppose to write 3 things about yourself
that know one else knew! ;)
Lets see if I remeber any! :)

1. I like playing with Blocks
2. I want to learn to do Knot tying.
3. risk is one of my most favorite games.
4. I like Adventure Movies.

1.My last name means bell.
2. I have relitives still in italy.
Olivia Stone:
1. I have 1 head
2. 2 arms
3. and 2 legs!
Kathleen Orenzack:
1. I hate camping
2.I like to read

okay I can't think of any more, Sorry! :(

Miss Elise Orenzack


Amy really,
Are you kidding me?

Coffee fanatic!
We never could figure that out!

Olivia the hamster.


Two words.

The Cake!