Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A special visit....

From our dear friends the Mortons!


Sweet sisters/cousins!

Alyssa and Martha.

Lovely Momma!

Poco giving Sam a ride...:)

Momma and Aunt Jeanine.

Nick and Tom took us girls on a ride in Nicks new truck... :P

Off to the Beach!

First stop....McDonald's for a frappe to share!

It was a blast to have Kressy and her kidlings there!!!!
Cutie Carlos!

Sweet Aunt! 
I love this picture of you Adeline!

Isaacs game!
That night we had a blast playing games and eating "brown chocolaty thingy's" ;)


More laughing....

Getting into the game! 

"Fire power"

Gab's always makes us laugh! 

Uncle Micheal observing the game...

Edwin and Jay

Thats all for now!

Come back again soon!

The Campanas

Thursday, December 08, 2011

An update-a "few" pixs from Oct!

Hey everyone,
I guess in order to "update" properly...we should start by going all the way back to October!
eeek, has it really been that long?

I shall begin with my big brother catching his another gator!!

Here are all the kiddlings posing with the "catch".

The "hunter" ;)

Okay now for a few pictures of a neighborhood awareness that we did...

Preaching the gospel...

Shedding light...

I am soo thankful for a daddy who stands for truth, and the unborn!

Proverbs 31:8 Open your mouth for the speechless,

In the cause of all who are appointed to die.

 ...and sweet little girls! Gracia with her sweet friends: Emma and Abigail B.

Frankie turns 7!!!

Very excited about his b-day present...

...Slot cars, notice the forgotten birthday dessert? ;)

That a' boy!

A few cakes Mariah, Momma and I made:
Mommas birthday cake...

Mrs.S-L's baby shower cake

And the Gators cake we made with the R's!

Our inspiration...

Mariah distracting, having some good conversations with Kels...

Lol...these make me chuckle!
(zooming in, makes this all the more merrier!)

Kelsey did a great job at the straight lines...that takes some patience!
Bravo, Kels!

Lauren and I doing the border.
I love Gab's and Laurens expressions...I wonder what it was I was saying!
Gabby looks worried... Lauren intrigued!
There it is!

The "red and green" dots... LOL...

My adorable sisters watching their little brother...

...entertain them with his stunt "riding"...

Frank helping daddy put together a night-stand...

Nick frying up his first batch of gator meat!..

 ...with fish-fry! ( they don't make gator-fry, we already looked ;P )
( and yes, it tastes like chicken)

Here's a cute picture of Gracia at a nursing home we went to...

Our whole church had the privilege one Sunday, to participate in the annual Life-Chain...

Lovely Momma and her parasol!

 Emma B. and Hope P.

Morgan and Mrs.W

Mr. & Mrs.W. Sr.

Caleb, you always make us smile!

Cute Jackson!

Mr. R.


Well that sums up the month of October for you all!

Looking forward to a few new posts for our readers enjoyment!!

Alyssa, Gracia and Mariah