Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A special visit....

From our dear friends the Mortons!


Sweet sisters/cousins!

Alyssa and Martha.

Lovely Momma!

Poco giving Sam a ride...:)

Momma and Aunt Jeanine.

Nick and Tom took us girls on a ride in Nicks new truck... :P

Off to the Beach!

First stop....McDonald's for a frappe to share!

It was a blast to have Kressy and her kidlings there!!!!
Cutie Carlos!

Sweet Aunt! 
I love this picture of you Adeline!

Isaacs game!
That night we had a blast playing games and eating "brown chocolaty thingy's" ;)


More laughing....

Getting into the game! 

"Fire power"

Gab's always makes us laugh! 

Uncle Micheal observing the game...

Edwin and Jay

Thats all for now!

Come back again soon!

The Campanas


morton clan said...

More laughing,ya right, you make me look like a walnut.i,am just teasing, but not about the walnut. nice post yall,see you guyes, the ball. John w

Savories of Life said...

Looks fun! do come over.