Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A lenghty post...of our trip to the mountains in GA...

After a lengthy title, we will give to you ( as promised) a lengthy post!
After Thanksgiving our family headed up to a cabin in North GA to relax and spend time as a family!
We had a blast!

Nothing better then finding a cozy perch and reading a book!!

Checkers anyone?

Eye spy...

Gibbles and Gracie girl!!

Our Abode (Hehe I thought of you B girls when I wrote that ;) 

Cuties...don't you love their hats and scarfs?
( They reflect their personalties!)

Daddy and the boys had to cut down a few trees while we where up there...

I really LOVE the blue sky!!!

B.B.B.- Brave- Big- Brother ;)

"Thar she blows...
( I do know it's timbers... but thats what comes to mind)  ;P

Working together...

Miss Gracia and her amazing balancing act!

The kiddlings team up and move a rather big log!

Evening walk up the mountain -( as well as a full-speed run down!)

Tallulah Gorge:

Once again we where able to take a trip hiking around the gorge!!

Enjoying the sights...

Getting a closer look.

Reminds me of a commercial! :)

This time we where able hike a little more than last time!

 : )


Handsome big brother!

Posing in a big stump!!

For those of you who lack fall colors ( like us)
This picture is for your enjoyment! :)

The Campanas