Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winter trip Part 1

 Hello all,

A few weeks ago we went on a week long trip to North GA and then onto Ashville NC for the Love the Church Conference.
In GA we where very blessed to be able to stay at a cabin and spend time together as a family, which was very pleasant and relaxing!
Here are some of the pictures of that stay...

 This is the cabin that we stayed at...

 The Master bedroom.

Gracia and her baby getting ready to go outside and do some exploring!

 An artistic shot by Mariah...I like this one. :)

 A merry little man doing dishes...

 Gracia and her little baby all bundled up :)


Jolly ;)
The Boy's quarters.
Oh look!  its our merry little man again, and he's smiling for a picture! 


 Alyssa...On her way to get a warmer jacket!

Chariot rides...?

A very beautiful picture of Momma!

Minihaha Falls
Us kiddoodles....Gracia is trying to see how long she can hold out the word "Cheese",
And Mariah is trying to decipher whether the rail will hold all 7 of us leaning on it! ;)

Daddy and Minihaha falls...(That's such a fun word to say! :)

Nick and Minihaha...


We enjoyed wonderful and refreshing walks our whole stay!!
The weather was soo beautiful, Praise the Lord!


In Motion...

 Oh, Our merry little man in a action photo!

Precious! ;)...



 Very creative :)

 These where rather cute...so I couldn't resist posting them all!

 Glen-Ella Springs Hotel

At walking distance there was a lovely old inn, and we enjoyed walking around the gardens trying to picture how beautiful it must look in spring and Summer :) 

 Mama And Daddy

Too Cute!

Miss Gabs and an Icicle.


 Something has gathered our attention!





Reading, There where so many fascinating books!!!!!

Well that's all for now,
Coming up next...Tallulah Gorge!

Alyssa and Mariah
(on behalf of the whole Campana Family)