Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Hello All blog readers, (those who check faithfully even though we don't post!)
I am sorry we are so late on this post, it is long over due!
This year we had the privilege of spending Thanksgiving with our dear friends the Morton's.
It was such a blessing to be able to spend time with them and the Smithys.
 We  had a blast!

I love this picture of Momma and Mrs.Morton!
Sweetness... :)

So posh!

The Two M's

And a gorgeous pic of Alyssa!

A very cute greeter!

Wednesday afternoon Noah and Dorthy took all of us girls out to pick some greenery to decorate with.
before we left I grabbed a handful of that Delicious 5min gum "Dubble Bubble" the results...

Bubbles!..and Attempts ;).
Our very "Serious" driver.

Sweet Gracia

Agent Mimi!
"What seems to be the problem here"

                                                                       They are so cute!

Let the cooking begin!
                                                                             A cute helper

                            " Don't try and hide it, I saw you lick that!"                            

                      And now our helper has retired to play with toys.                       

               Wednesday evening we all gathered around the fire and listened to our very own
"No Thomas...No"

 Blinding  flash!!

 I love this one of Daddy!


      Thanksgiving prep.

The table...

Captain Bret



Ham #54

This one is just to CUTE!


  Let the feasting begin!


     Frankie bones

"Ish" sprite



         Can I help you?

                                                     The Center of the table! (TO CUTE!)

                           Lol :)                               

 Desserts Galore!

     Off to the lighting...
Keni, Alyssa and I

Very Sweet!

                           Keni  D.                        

Alyssa And Bella D.


 L.o.l if you look at each face, you can tell it's defiantly getting late...

Hope you've enjoyed!
God Bless.

~Mariah Campana


Every Endeavor said...

Loved the post! Looked like ya'll had a wonderful thanksgiving.


Shannon said...

It seems as if you all had a blessed thanksgiving full of joy and fellowship. Lovely photos....