Thursday, March 24, 2011

Daddys Birthday or St.Daddys day

Daddys Birthday was exactly a week ago today ( March 17th).
Here are some pictures of his birthday dinner!

In which daddy entertains us while opening his presents! :)

I wonder if theres a pearl in those muscles?

What a cute profile!

In which Gracia practices singing " Happy Birthday".


Look at those cute little hands!
The cake...

After Dinner entertainment!

Candle Lighting....
....A group effort




Happy birthday to the greatest daddy in the world!!!
We love you!

Happy "St.Daddys Day" ;)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Love One Another Party...

Dear Mrs.Segre-Lewis hosted a" Love One Anothe"r party at the park on Valetines day,
Here are some pictures of the "event" :)

A cupcake...this makes me think of a mushroom.

Very... "Artistic" !

Missy Vi...Looking cool with a Lolli.

Jay...Edited by Jay.



In which Franco plays tennis...

He was really into his game...

Girlies havin' a bit 'o fun.


Little girls play Racket ball. (or at least attept too)

LOL...I like this one. :D

Gracie girl...In action!

All the children in our church . 

 Well thats all folks...
Come back again soon!

The Campanas

Monday, March 07, 2011

A beautiful Sunday evening sky....

While taking a walk by the river Mariah took these georgeous pictures of the sky...


Miss Gracia.

Although this Picture is blurry I couldn't resist it...she looks soo cute! :)

In Christ,

The Campanas

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Florida Flywheelers festival...

On  Friday Daddy took our Family to a Flywheeler festival in Polk County Fl.
It was alot of fun...There where so many tractors, engines, and the like!
The ride there was also a pleasure in itself...So many orange groves!

I love FL!

Various old washing machines.

Daddy and the Boys really loved it...

A house made from a red wood tree...This was interesting....

Gods creation is amazing!

Toy Tractors and the like...


Firein' up a motor.
Sharpening pencils...Mamma got a kick out of this one....

...She said that is our homeschooling family's biggest trouble,Finding A good pencil sharpener.

So cute. :)


Our Lil' Brother on a Lil' Brother.

Old cars.

Old tractors.

Old Bike.

Old Wagons.

I'll let you make up your own caption... I am at loss. :P

Beautiful...In my opinion.

Cutie Pie.

This makes me think of the old car off the movie Cars.

Now isn't that spiffy?

Tractor pulls...This also makes me think of Cars..."Tractor tippin'"

Handsome Daddy.

Well...Thats neat.

    Hope ya'll enjoyed!

The Campana Family