Monday, March 07, 2011

A beautiful Sunday evening sky....

While taking a walk by the river Mariah took these georgeous pictures of the sky...


Miss Gracia.

Although this Picture is blurry I couldn't resist it...she looks soo cute! :)

In Christ,

The Campanas


Kels said...

I know where that is, lol. Melbourne Beach park pier right? I used to play there all the time. :D
That first picture is stunning! And Gracia is so cute!
I love y'all!! xxxx~Kelsey

AmyB said...


That first photo was AWESOME! (Not that all the others are too but the first one was like WOW...)

Did you put that on a tripod- or is your hand like amazingly steady?!?!?

Great job, Mariah!

Mortonclan said...

Hey y'all Cleve hear, great job on posting. excellent photography.

We love y'all, blessings

SmithFamily said...

What Gorgeous pictures!!!
Love bethy