Thursday, October 28, 2010

A family wedding....

Your opening picture...Gracia looking awful cute! :)

A very cute flower girl, her dress matched the brides...Awwe!...

 ...And a very, very cute ringbearer! ADORABLE! 

Mother and Daughter.

Putting on the rings, FYI...The groom was our cousin. :)

:) Very sweet!

Blowing bubbles.

Now that is what I call a get-away car.

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Bowman II

That is very common at weddings ;P

My very cute siblings...


...And Gracia...

...and a very cute cousin!

This, my friends is a candy bar...

All the candy and treats matched the wedding colors!


 Momma and her sisters...Aunt Jenny and Aunt Susie.

Gabby and our 2nd cousin Delani...they had a blast together.:)

Kids and cake...hmmm.

Our table...we got our own table to ourselves!

Gracia And Momma, a very nice picture if I do say so myself :)

Dad and Momma...another good picture!

Dancing queens.

Master Frank dacing with Aunt Jenny.

Cake cutting!

Dancing with Daddy...


Daddy and Momma dancing!

The photographer handed Mariah his Camera, and told her to take some pictures!

Daddy and us girls!

Thats all for now folks!
God bless,

The Campana Girls

Monday, October 25, 2010

Train up a child...

We where so blessed to have Wesley and Rachel come down for a visit...
While they where here we sent them to a bed and breakfast, and we kept there wonderful (and adorable)
little boys.  And Dad puts everyone to work ,
They sure know how to train their kids!...

William fixed the dishwasher.
"It appears, that we do have voltage"
"Man, whats that smell?  Is that the dishwasher or Joeys diapper!. 

After fixing the dishwasher William tackled the wood floors.
"Is this the board you wanted cut?"...

 ..."Okay no problem! first.." OSHA  approved.
What,  you never seen a baby cut wood before?!?

"That looks about right"

No rest for the weary, William putting the last run of flooring down.
"You got a problem Nick?"

 "Uncle Frank is a perfectionist, better get it right"

He sure knows how to work!

"Shew when is Mom and Dad coming back?.

 *ZAP*..."ouch...that was my finger!
"Nick didn't I tell you to turn off the breaker!

Hope you all enjoyed this post...of course this was all done with safety precautions:) OSHA Approved.
We loved having ya'll down!!

Mr.Campana and Family

More stain prep...

  So many choices soo little time...choose wisely!

All the wood was in the dinning room so we had Jeremiah, Gracia, 
and Frankie slide it through the window...


Gabby... Our every day joy and excitment!!!

"Poco" help'n out

Gracia ... on the move.

What a handsome guy!

Caught of doubt.

Why is she taking pictures of me...Why does feel as if I am the only one working?;)
"Take the board!"


"Shall we give it the blue gloved test?...."

"Oh course we should, we where made for the job!"

Gabbles was brushing all the dust off the wood...

And a wonderful job she did at that!

Alyssa wipping the wood with paint thinner.

"I was the stunt man...ME!" 
(Agent Mimi quote..for those of you who have seen it :)
Sorry couldnt help it :)

Gracia shows to all blog viewers, there is no need for  Jackets just yet!...teeth maybe:)

Break time!


Another "Thing" can only prep wood for so long :)

After finishing  our work, we occupied ourselves by shooting arrows, "Stick" (Sword) fighting,  and hanging out in the shade.:)
Gabby and Frankie watch as Jeremiah  performs the daring act of carving a stick...

The oranges are growing so fast can't wait until there ready!

Thanks for stoppin' by!
May God bless you all!

~Mariah, Alyssa and Mrs.Campana