Monday, October 25, 2010

Train up a child...

We where so blessed to have Wesley and Rachel come down for a visit...
While they where here we sent them to a bed and breakfast, and we kept there wonderful (and adorable)
little boys.  And Dad puts everyone to work ,
They sure know how to train their kids!...

William fixed the dishwasher.
"It appears, that we do have voltage"
"Man, whats that smell?  Is that the dishwasher or Joeys diapper!. 

After fixing the dishwasher William tackled the wood floors.
"Is this the board you wanted cut?"...

 ..."Okay no problem! first.." OSHA  approved.
What,  you never seen a baby cut wood before?!?

"That looks about right"

No rest for the weary, William putting the last run of flooring down.
"You got a problem Nick?"

 "Uncle Frank is a perfectionist, better get it right"

He sure knows how to work!

"Shew when is Mom and Dad coming back?.

 *ZAP*..."ouch...that was my finger!
"Nick didn't I tell you to turn off the breaker!

Hope you all enjoyed this post...of course this was all done with safety precautions:) OSHA Approved.
We loved having ya'll down!!

Mr.Campana and Family


Carol-Hannah said...

He is so adorable!!!!!!!i wish i could eat him (tht is something me and my mom say when we see a baby that is so cute....i do not know why we say it).I wish you would of told me that they were here, but no you just had t go there need a agent!lol
love you guys,

p.s. if you were wundering it is Hannah Gray

p.s.s. lol

Whiddon Family said...

This has gotta be the funniest post. I love it! Haha!


The Morton Family said...

This is hilarious!! :D We gathered around and laughed so hard.

Love you all!

The Morton kids

WesLea And Company said...

LOL! We should have taken a hint when you said he was hanging from the chandelier;) Y'all are soo hilarious!!
Can't wait to see y'all at Thanksgiving.
~Wesley, Rachel and the kiddies

Smith Familia said...

WOW! Y'all are a riot!LOL!
See y'all at thanksgiving ;)
Lots of love from the SMithies,