Monday, October 01, 2012

Summer Trip Part #2

Ahh...Isn't it Lovely!!!
After our week In Charlotte. We headed up into the Mountains, With Micheal S. and the Dear Villavaso Family and enjoyed  a weekend of Sight seeing and relaxation!
Here our some Pictures of our Adventures...Hope you enjoy!

All the Girls got to ride in the truck...and while taking a rest we snapped a few Pix :)

"I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
    where does my help come from?
My Help comes from the Lord

the Maker of heaven and earth."~ Psalm 121:1

Miss you SO much Anita!

Our Cabin!...Ins't it Charming?!

Saturday Afternoon We all went Tubing at deep Creek! 

We Had such a Blast!

Sunday morning we headed out once again to Triple Falls! 

Stopping for pictures :D


Ahh...It was So Beautiful!!!

Our path...

Along the Side was this Ideal Spot for Sliding!!!As  Micheal (In the Green) Demonstrates  in this picture . 

Hehehe...We Had a great time :)


My personal Favorite!!

We all thought it was just the Coolest thing that we Matched :D

This tree is Amazing!

Micheal entertaining us...

Monday Morning  Daddy Alyssa and I hiked up the the beautiful mountain our Cabin was on.
And Along the Way met a Gentleman and his three dogs,and chatted some time...We soon found he had much in common with us and was originally from Fl! :)
Then we packed up, said our farewells and Headed home.


The Micheal Sugar Family a.k.a."Disney Boy!" He kept us well entertained :)

And Our Rendezvous with The Dear Morton Family!!!
We met up at Chick Fil A  and got caught up! 
Miss and Love ya'll!!! 

Gracia Holding Sweet Ariana 

Have a blessed Evening! ~Mariah