Thursday, July 29, 2010


Here is a picture slide show that someone put together.
We are currently working on our posts of this event, so stay tuned! :)

The Campana Family


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Charlotte, Here We Come!

Hi, there!
Right at this very moment as I type we are on our way to Charlotte, North Carolina for Operation Save America's National Event!  To find out more go to

Here are some pix of us on our drive...

We are caravaning together (Campana and B. Families) so we decided to do some "kid swapping"! So as Melody and John-David B. ride in the Campana's van Mariah and Alyssa are riding in our car.  We hooked up the netbook to the blackberry and decided to do some documenting!

How embarressing... unfortunately I have not Photoshop on this computer....

Here I am logging in:

She looks so innocent...

'Til she starts shooting hair bands at me:

We did webcam with Momma ( Mrs.B.) and Baby V:

Alyssa indulging in The Hidden Hand (Which was a fantastic book by the way :-)):

We'll post more later!

~Amy B. on behalf of the C. Family

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


A few weeks back the Bohannan Family invited us over for dinner and pool.
Here is just a few pictures of us all swiming!!!
The Campana Family
The rules are layed...
"Step aside"
"She  Prepares..."
Frankie ...
"I'm Flying!!!" 
Jeremiah is a great "faller" he always goes hands first! :)

I'll give this one a Ten!! 

I think this pic is really cool... she has not yet made her splash, and is on the serface of the water!

And Group Pic!

Happy Summer!!!

Noah And Dorothys Wedding shower...

Hello All,
I am very sorry we have not been posting latly, We have had a very busy few months!!!
But a  few weeks back we had the pleasure of attending a Bridal Shower  for
Noah Sanders
Dorothy Morton
We had a blast Fellowshiping with everyone, and having a part in Blessing them as they prepare for thier new life together!

May the Lord Bless you both!!!

Hope you enjoy!!!

The Campana Family

                            Is this cute or What? I just had to snap a picture of him in his "lil" apron!!!

Martha Ann R. 
Cutie #2
Frankie A.K.A. Poco #3
Sweet Gracia #4

Gabriella #5...e.c.t :)
These are trees! :)

You might want to stand back!?!

The Bride to be!!!

~Art #2

Keni D. Daisy R. & Alyssa C.

"O.k ok group picture!"
Table "settin's"


The Crowd

Daddy & Mama
                                                                             Caleb D.

Keni D. & Campbell
"Right back atcha" :)

~Mariah Campana