Monday, June 11, 2012

They've Arrived! :)

After 23 days of waiting our chicks finally hatched!
 It was such 
a blessing to watch the hens faithfully sit on their
eggs for almost a month, and to enjoy the fruits of their labor. :)
Chickens are our newest business endeavor, and we are having 
such fun. God is so good.
Here are a few pictures of the Newest chicks

inky & her mom



Sweet Goldilocks! 


  Captions by:Gabby and Gracia

Blessings~ Gracia and Mariah

Friday, June 01, 2012

April/May Update...

Good Evening Everyone,
Wow!...I can Hardly believe Summer is Finally here!
Our Family has been so busy lately, with Company,Vacations, House Building, Ect.
And we have just been having a blast! God is so good. is a little update for you on a few of the MANY things we've done over the past Months...Enjoy.

In April our Fam. and a few others from our church, went to a Civil War re-enactment. and had such a wonderful time fellowshipping and Learning, here are a few pix.

 My very Handsome Brother :)


The Very Cute Mr.Boaz,
Love you glasses!

We really enjoyed watching this man Ride his Horse...

and Talking with him.

This Picture was Specially taken for Hunter K.
Everyone agreed this was meant for you. :)

Earlier this Month Our Family along with The R. and S. Family headed up to Jacksonville, for the Florida State Music Competition! We had such a Fun time.

The Performers and then some :)

Sending a Picture to our Teacher! :)

Every night at the Award Ceremony the best  Students from the year before would preform!
There was some outstanding Musicians!! 

And Can you believe it?! We got to go to Chipotle with the Roubs. :)

Love you all!

Aren't we Cute?

After A wonderful weekend, we headed down to St.Augustine and walked around, enjoyed the sights, and enjoyed Dinner at an Italian Restaurant!

Gabby Frankie and Gracia, feeding the Fish in a pond

They were so pretty.

All us Girlies!  I love this pic.

Sweet lil Gracia and Daddy ( and the frog, forgot to mention the frog! :)

I am So thankful to the Lord for all the wonderful Memories He has given me!

Well that's All for Now!

Farewell ~Mariah C.