Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Post...

The Chimney is all finished!

Another Bathtub is installed!

 A fortress created by the kiddos....

A very creative "waterfall".

An escaper...

...Caught! :)


A very adorable sister.

Sound effects!
Steps undergoing construction....with a few onlookers :)
One of the amazing wonders of a orange orange with a mowhawk!

More Playing

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hello Everyone,
Hope you have had a blessed day!
Well its about time we had an update on the Construction of our House, and what we've been doing lately.
The "Bricker" came out last week and finished the Fireplace  Sunday! (Hooray!)
as I write the "bricker" and Nicholas are working on the staircase up to the house!!! We are so Excited,
God is so Good.

Thanks for reading Enjoy...

                                      Doesn't it look great?
  I hope to put more pictures up soon of the finished  product. but until then... more updates!

                                  There Here!...

               Yes those long awaited oranges are back.
                    Saturday was our first day of selling by the road...
Our ever faithful Grandmother over sees our selling each week.
                          You can't sell  Oranges with out well... Oranges! here is the picking crew, (with Alyssa behind the camera) Gabby (Left)Emma B. And Gracia

                                         Emma: "How many Oranges did she say we had to pick?"Gabby: "shhh...I'm trying to stay in Character!"

                    And for our last piece of news...
         The bath tub in the girls Bathroom has been Installed and we are working on getting the one in our parents bathroom installed as well...

Now to end my Post  I will leave you with some pictures I took Sunday evening.
 after Church we stopped by the Grove to look at our new fireplace! 
"Wait for ME!"
                                                 Look! "its our Merry little Man" Jay


Farewell Readers!
Come again soon...Okay?

The Campana Family

Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter trip part 3

The Biltmore!
Unfortunately they did not allow pictures to be taken inside the you'll just have to settle for the outside. :) 

 Entering the gate...anticipation rising!


Self-timed photo...very nice!

A frozen pond...we drive several hours to get to the Biltmore, and the first 15 min are spent looking at a 
 frozen pond!


 Antler Hill village.

The Campana Family

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Winter Trip Part 2: Tallulah Gorge

Warning if are afraid of heights this post may not be for you! ;) Lol

 "Let it begin...Let it begin!" ;)

This is the first part of the trail we took... But soon figured something wasn't right, The steps began to get steeper and much bigger!...

...We found out why!  Whoops!

Very Handsome Daddy!




Enjoying the scenery...

...Ah the scenery!

Enjoying more scenery :)

More of Gods beautiful creation...another picture of his greatness!

The zealous Gabby!...Smiles in the face of danger ;)

Gabby tried to make the bridge sway...

A view from atop the bridge.

Some of us just couldn't look! :)

Such an adventurer !

Mariah and Alyssa

Coming up next...The Biltmore Estate!!!

In Christ,
The Campana Family