Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Post...

The Chimney is all finished!

Another Bathtub is installed!

 A fortress created by the kiddos....

A very creative "waterfall".

An escaper...

...Caught! :)


A very adorable sister.

Sound effects!
Steps undergoing construction....with a few onlookers :)
One of the amazing wonders of a orange orange with a mowhawk!

More Playing


Amy B. said...

Oh, man!!!

The chimney and steps look AWESOME!

I love the sand fortress- the waterfall was a nice touch...

See ya'll later!

Shannon said...

Lovely photos! The house is looking wonderful, and I am sure the children must have loved playing in the sand...:)

~In Christ,

pasco community said...

Love the "Mohawk Orange"....So funny!!!
and yall's house looks GREAT!!

Miss Yall!! Norma and Marty