Sunday, December 30, 2007

Gabby At Church
Alyssa and mariah


The Week Of December 25th We went to a cabin In North Ga!
It was loads of fun.

We went to the rivers which was near the cabins( I don't Know how to spell the names Or remember Them:( )

Any ways there was two and we sall where the two meet!
It was cold The first day we where there ,The second a little warmer ,the third A lot warmer and the Fourth Which was Friday there was Rain Almost all day :(
We took along with us Our grandpa And Brother Ben.

We went to antique shops On Wednesday,
and Friday we went to Helen Where there was a town and it look liked A a place in Germany!
It had little shops it almost didn't seem Real!
The stores had little heart shaped cut outs on the buildings For trim work!
Its was like Hansel and Gretal Kind of place.
Mom said that it really looked like a place in Germany!

We had a really good funnel cake but had to leave after that.

The Morton's, Smiths , Roberts, And Davis's Where At the cabins Also! ( There was 10!)

It Was alot of Fun.
And we enjoyed it a Bunch!

Gracia And Frankie And Gracia And Grandpa

And Below Mom And Mrs, Morton

Name: Nicholas Frank Campana
Age: 14 Years old

Name : Gabriella Mary Campana
Age: 7 Years Old

Im Gonna Make It!

Let It Snow!

Playing the INSTRUMENTS and Singing



Singing :
Daisy, Alyssa, Campbell,
Mariah, And Nick

slick and cool

Name: Frank Vincent
Age: 3 years old
Baby Bret.
What a Cutie!

Our Cabin
Which is cabin number 2


Name:Gracia Marie Campana
Age: 5 Years Old!

Friday, October 05, 2007

The land

This is the Land you would walk through to
get to the Cave.
Just Lovely :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Frankie the swimming sheriffe

Frank as you see Has Been
Doing A Patrol Along The Pool !
Making Sure That All is Crime less!


Ging As You can See Is Worn out and tired from the trip!
She's Been sleeping all Day!

Gracia in the pool

Gracia Is in the Pool!
And Frankie is Still Deciding!

Good Tips!

These Are From A Track We Got somewhere

1. Don't steal the Government Hates competition

2. If At first you don't succeed don't try sky diving.

3.the big bang theory God said it and bang it happened!

Well thats All we can remeber!


Holding On for dear life!

No Not really holding on For dear
Just getting ready too!

Should I go in?

Frankie swimming in the kiddie

Latest trip

This weekend We have been Traveling alot.
We Left for the sanders around 8:00 Am And got at there house around 6:00pm
We Had Dinner With them and played and talked and had Family worship and then went to Bed(well some of us did)
The next day we went to a wedding in Birmingham and it took us forever to find the
before hand we went to the sanders Property.
we went to church with the sanders on Sunday and had lunch and left
for the smiths!
We got to the smiths around 6:00pm And talked!
We left there house on Monday after noon and headed for the Mortons!
We got at the Mortons around 6:00 pm!!!
And had dinner and left Around 11:00pm
well we got home around 4:00am And here we are posting on our Blog!


Sorry we haven't been Posting .
We have A slow computer And there was something
wrong with the blog,
So we'll Try To post as much as possible.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Here Is The House!
This Week The Morton's
Came Down With The Robert Boys And Put Up The Trusses!