Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Good Tips!

These Are From A Track We Got somewhere

1. Don't steal the Government Hates competition

2. If At first you don't succeed don't try sky diving.

3.the big bang theory God said it and bang it happened!

Well thats All we can remeber!

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MortonClan said...

Haha!!!! Thats real funny, y'all! Cute post...
One of our favorites is
"I love animals, they taste good."
Answering machine message
"(Noisy pick-up of phone.) Hi, I'm a burglar and I was just about to steal Troy's answering machine. If you give me your name and number I'll... Uh, I'll post it on the fridge where he'll see it. Uh... By the way, where did you say you live?"
"All generalizations are false, including this one."
Sorry, they are kinda silly, but it's late!! :)
We love y'all!
God bless,
Dorothy, Adeline and Martha