Wednesday, September 24, 2014

July O.S.A. 2014

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly one year goes by. But in what feels like such a short time, How many things happen in your life!
July brought us to New Orleans for O.S.A.'s national Pro-life event.
It was so amazing to see the hand of God move in so many ways during that week of ministering.

New Orleans here we come!

Franco, still looking good 8 hours in...

starting out, We were put on the overpass team! 

Holding signs out over the "overpass" is one of the most effective ways to reach so many people in the city!

Sign buddy

Meeting at  the denigrating  construction  sight of what is  supposed to be an upcoming Planned parenthood facility. But because of faithfulness of Christians making construction workers aware of the facility's plans, there has been No work done in months!!!  Praise the Lord! 
 during the Week we were there the Entire Bible was read over its lost foundation.

Pastor Bill S. took us all on a tour of the many Abortion clinics which had been Closed thanks to the Faithfulness of God, and His people who stood on his truth over the years.

The official tour bus was "officially full!"....

Written on the sidewalk of a former Clinic!

My Adorable Johnston buddy's!

Our "official tour bus" had its own official police escort!

While at the Clinic a Baby was saved!!! Praise the Lord!

Rain or shine...The young sproutling's made themselves umbrella tipi's .

The last book ceremony! Many of us got together to read the book of Revelation!

No trip is complete without a visit to the State capital, while waiting for the rest of our group to go through security we broke out in song... the acoustics were amazing!

The view from the top was amazing.

Its' rewarding getting to spend late night's with all our pep's! 
Gracia and Gabby had Birthdays during the event, here Gracia is being sung to!!

And of course with  every spare moment all us kiddo's occupied  the hotel pool! :)

On this occasion were all gathered to witness the baptism of Frankie and two of the Johnston children!

Buddy's!  Love her so much!

In celebration of Gabby and Gracia's birthdays, We went to "downtown" new Orleans to sight see, window shop, and hear all the fun bands!

This picture is just epic to me! This little boy was insanely amazing at the harmonica! 

I am So thankful for the our time spent in Louisiana! 
 Getting to see God's hand move, in the Past:with all the closed clinics. 
The Present: His hand touching the hearts of the construction workers, and the woman who have walked out of clinics...
And getting to spend time with the Future generation of Pro-lifer's who are and will stand for Truth for the rest of they're lives!