Tuesday, September 23, 2014

May and June run through...

 Looking through the pictures of  late spring and early summer, I can hardly believe how much we have had going on!  I am so Thankful to the Lord for every second I've had to spend with my awesome family and amazing friends. :) Here now are some pictures of  some of that time spent, May through June. 

Mothers day took us to West Palm to visit the K's! 

Ben and Frankie critique we girls as we attempt to imitate tennis players...:)   

After they couldn't take the embarrassment any longer Ben and Franco decided to show us how its done.

Fishing and testing Nicks character qualities were next on the activity chart...

Gabs and Sarah <3 br="" nbsp="">

Here is displayed both Nick and Ben's favorite dock positions... 

"She's a catch!" Alyssa with her fishy!

Once again...Zack seems to have made some sort of disturbance in the attempted  relaxation....

....there seemed to be a lot of that going on. :) 

It's merely that I love my little Frankie so much...he has no Idea.

Nicholas caught a nice sized-I don't know- Fish, and here Dad and Nick clean his "catch" while Zack examines the eye...

May also took us to Mississippi to meet our precious little Niece!!!
And of course no trip is complete without a visit with some of our favorite people. :)

Love you Adeline. <3 p="">
She is not merely smiling for a picture, there is a deeper meaning behind that smile, like an "I'm creaming Alyssa for the umpteenth time at chess, mwahahaha" kind of smile.

Late night monopoly game! 

 Here she is! Our Sweet little Iva Janes <3 br="" nbsp="">

I enjoyed every second of cuddle time with this cutie! I LOVE her so much!

...and every second with the Much loved "boo-boo"

During our visit we were able to celebrate Ryan's 1st Birthday!!!

He wasted no time with his cake!

Perhaps the sugar was a bit overwhelming!

Auntie time....

The drive Home ran us into Memorial Day, which was spent at the Lake with The M's
We had a Blast!

June brought My (Mariah's) 18th B -day! This is the amazingly adorable Birthday cake Alyssa made me! She's so sweet!

We went out to eat at this awesome Italian restaurant down town. <3 br="" nbsp="">

Later that week, we had a visit with the K's! 

We also had the opportunity to stand for LIFE in  kissimme!

It was such an encouragement to see even more children  than adults standing against the planned parenthood facility which is trying to come to kissimme.

School was officially out which meant water week at "The masters workshop"! 
We were thankful for the opportunity to minister here for most of our summer.

Home life...  I love watcing my younger siblings at work. :) 

Frankie's becoming quite the chef. :)

and of course summer brings rain for FL, and rain brings tadpoles!!! Frankie and Gracia had quite the aquarium.

One Saturday afternoon, the younger's built themselves a "water neighborhood" as I'd call it. 
I love seeing all they're creative ideas  :) 

 I leave you with our "cow appreciation day" selfie, or rather "fourfie"

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Mortonclan said...

Awesome Post!!! So cool all throughout,Love the Water subdivision!...LOL:D And as allways, we love what your family does for the Lord!!!

The Morton Kids:)