Monday, September 14, 2009

Bible bee!

Hello All,
I am quite sorry we have not been posting,
we have been very busy.
On Saturday we attended the "National Bible Bee"
which was quite fun!
for those who are asking "What is a bible bee?"
I'll tell you a bit about it,
As some of you may already Know this is the first bible bee to ever take place,
It started when a Young lady, Who loved the Lord very much, and loved to memorize scripture,
came down with cancer and died,
It was her will that Children memorized scripture,
and in her honor a friend put this Contest together,

1,700 Scriptures were to be memorized!!!
and we had about 5 months
On the day of the Bible bee we had to do a 200 question bible Trivia quiz, (on paper)
And we had 1 hour to complete it,
after the test we went on to reciting scriptures and answering some more bible
as we waited for our turn in the waiting room we played a few games and talked,
when it came your turn you would go into a room where the judges waited for you,
they told you the rules and asked you to recite 4 verses,
and asked you 4 trivia questions.
after that was dun we went in the waiting room for the second time, and did the same,
went before our judges, they asked us the trivia, and the verses.
some were rel-leaved it was over and others wished it to go on,
But we all had fun!
Oh!! and I never said what the prize was did I?...
for the senior group first prize was.........
a lot of pressure right there!
for the juniors it was
and primary 25,000
There will be 100 people chosen to go to Washington for the finals!
And That is the bible bee :)
I'll see ya later!