Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday afternoon fellowship...

Making Cookies!
Frankie's Candy cane
The decorators!

Jeremiah and will working on a Lego video they made.

Pumpkin pie!Mmmmm...

Mr. W. Nick, Jeremiah, Me, And Alyssa
put together this little bluegrass band,
with Nick on the guitar Mr.W on the mandolin,
Jeremiah on the banjo, and Alyssa and I on the violins.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas decor and cookies!!!

This evening Daddy and Momma went to a Christmas party
And us kids decorated and made cookies!

Some close-ups of the "village"...

Artistic camera skills! :)

Gracia...Can you see that she lost a tooth?

S.O.S Conference

The SOS Conference...
Last week we went to Ohio for a conference,
Here are some pictures for you!
Views From our hotel window(s)...
( Which was on the 10th floor!)


ect... :)

All Bundled up for the cold.


A look at one of the "Breakouts"

Gracia's Lil' pet.

Us Kids...

I love this one....Someone put "bunny ears" on the photographer!
(Look closely at some of the facial expressions!)

My Handsome young brother...:)

The Creation museum

A model of the "Ark"


While we were there we got to listen to "buddy Davis"
sing, that was quite enjoyable!

The Garden...

"For the beauty of the Lord..."

!!!!L.O.L. !!!!

I never thought I'd see the day!

"Its a Big one!"