Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Latest trip

This weekend We have been Traveling alot.
We Left for the sanders around 8:00 Am And got at there house around 6:00pm
We Had Dinner With them and played and talked and had Family worship and then went to Bed(well some of us did)
The next day we went to a wedding in Birmingham and it took us forever to find the
before hand we went to the sanders Property.
we went to church with the sanders on Sunday and had lunch and left
for the smiths!
We got to the smiths around 6:00pm And talked!
We left there house on Monday after noon and headed for the Mortons!
We got at the Mortons around 6:00 pm!!!
And had dinner and left Around 11:00pm
well we got home around 4:00am And here we are posting on our Blog!

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