Sunday, December 30, 2007


The Week Of December 25th We went to a cabin In North Ga!
It was loads of fun.

We went to the rivers which was near the cabins( I don't Know how to spell the names Or remember Them:( )

Any ways there was two and we sall where the two meet!
It was cold The first day we where there ,The second a little warmer ,the third A lot warmer and the Fourth Which was Friday there was Rain Almost all day :(
We took along with us Our grandpa And Brother Ben.

We went to antique shops On Wednesday,
and Friday we went to Helen Where there was a town and it look liked A a place in Germany!
It had little shops it almost didn't seem Real!
The stores had little heart shaped cut outs on the buildings For trim work!
Its was like Hansel and Gretal Kind of place.
Mom said that it really looked like a place in Germany!

We had a really good funnel cake but had to leave after that.

The Morton's, Smiths , Roberts, And Davis's Where At the cabins Also! ( There was 10!)

It Was alot of Fun.
And we enjoyed it a Bunch!

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