Thursday, January 06, 2011

Winter Trip Part 2: Tallulah Gorge

Warning if are afraid of heights this post may not be for you! ;) Lol

 "Let it begin...Let it begin!" ;)

This is the first part of the trail we took... But soon figured something wasn't right, The steps began to get steeper and much bigger!...

...We found out why!  Whoops!

Very Handsome Daddy!




Enjoying the scenery...

...Ah the scenery!

Enjoying more scenery :)

More of Gods beautiful creation...another picture of his greatness!

The zealous Gabby!...Smiles in the face of danger ;)

Gabby tried to make the bridge sway...

A view from atop the bridge.

Some of us just couldn't look! :)

Such an adventurer !

Mariah and Alyssa

Coming up next...The Biltmore Estate!!!

In Christ,
The Campana Family

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The Real Me! said...

Brad and I camped at Tallulah Gorge one year. We hiked down to the gorge and went swimming and slid on the "Slippery Rock". It was quite a climb though. I wouldn't recommend it for small children.
Looks like you had fun though.