Friday, December 03, 2010

After all those wood staining pictures...

After a long wait (very sorry) we finally have the product of all the wood staining, for you in this post. Hooray!
Thanks for your Patience...Enjoy.

...Oh, here is a picture of Senor Poco...

...And Daddy...

...And the porch ceiling...that's what the wood was for!

The wood...
 It's a start!!!!

Here's the most recent after a few days...

It's sooo beautiful!

Gabbles posing for a picture.

Shooting a few arrows.

Mariahs artistic shot.
Love the shirt... oh the bows pretty cool too. :)

Sunset... back porch... clouds...e.c.t.

Pretty cool pic!

I'm sorry we haven't posted lately :(
We've been so busy with the house and such...
But we'll try to be more faithful in the future!

In Christ,
The Campana Family


Mortonclan said...

Oh my goodness!! That ceiling is gorgeous!!!

Love and miss y'all so much!


WesLea And Company said...

I love it y'all! It's turning out beautifully! Can't wait to see it. And y'all too;)

Every Endeavor said...

It was great to meet your beautiful family this past weekend. Your ceiling looks fabulous, great job!

Looking forward to the next time the Lord brings our paths together.

~For the Kendalls~

Cynthia said...

Hi Campana Family looks like you all have been very busy and having fun at it as well. The woodworking looks great and nice stain job buy all. Girls you did a great job with the pictures and posting them. You will have to give Evelyn some tips with her new Camera. All of us had a great Christmas and Blessed New Year we have but to thank the good Lord for! Today is an all PJ day but I don't think I will send a picture of that could be a little scary. God Bless - Aunt Cynthia
PS need help with getting my picture posted.