Monday, January 02, 2012

Thanksgiving weekend...

Hello Readers, 
A Very Happy New year to everyone!!
I apologize for the lack of posting, We are going to try and Catch up on "last year", so to speak. :)
Starting with Thanksgiving...

Thanksgiving morning we spent Cooking, Catching up, Laughing and more Cooking :)


 Some of Cleveland's photography.
Very cool Cleve.

Siblings #1 



Gabby's Lil' Friend...



And The Feasting begins...

I Love this pic of Martha and Nick!

L.o.l. napping...

After our meal Andrew took us all on a hay ride!



Daisy doo


Mr. Handsome




Forever. :)

That evening  we were able to skype the Deckers! Love Ya'll!

Later, some of us headed down town for our annual tradition to see the lights and window shop!

Group pic!

I'm not sure how to describe their expressions?

Guy pic

The Lights!

Daisy and Alyssa

Sorry to do this to you Edgar.

the Following day all us "Kiddo's" headed to the park in the Smithies bus!
We had a blast. :)

Not sure what they found...

Zac & Sam

You know this moment. :)

Ham #105

 The famed "under-dog" push!!!



Awww.... Kisses from auntie! 
Somebody's getting sleepy
Sunday Afternoon



Monday we took a trip to Thomasville where we window shopped!
and no visit is complete without stopping at "GrassRoots!"

It was such a joy to have Norma and Campbell Join us!

Enjoying each others company!

aha!... Edgar came back and joined us.

Art critics....doing their job. 


We found this greeting card in one of the shops and all agreed it was Alyssa and Daisy...Many years down the road! :) LOL 

And that concludes our thanksgiving weekend!

Come again soon!



Rora Valley said...

Such a fun post- love it!! I love the second from last picture, haha! It was so great seeing y'all last weekend. Love and miss you peoples! hope we can see ya soon! Love, Grace

The McArthur Family said...

Enjoyed this post! Thank you for sharing! So glad everyone had a great time! We were out of town visiting my mother.


The Campana Family said...

Love you to Grace!
Thanks for the commento!

Aww...we where sorry to miss, ya'll that weekend!

Great seeing all this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Here's what came to my head:
Nick:"She's taking a picture! Quick, look natural!" *freezes*
Willie:"Seriously? Again? We're trying to talk here."

The Campana Family said...

Haha!!!! ( whoever you anonymous person) That was great!! LOL

The Hagen Family said...

Y'all are so cute! It was such a bummer to miss all the fun that weekend, but it was good to see y'all that Sunday.
Love and miss you guys (already),

Mortonclan said...

Dearest Campanas!!!

This is the happiest post! It made me smile and love and miss all of you ever so much more so! Thanksgiving weekend is one of my very favorite times of the whole year...Ah...God is so gracious, isn't He!!?

I LOVED the picture of Daisy and Alyssa 'down the road'...that is priceless! The chickens!! Oh, the chickens! And the one of Mimi and William made me laugh!! LOL, "me know just how dat is! Yes I do!"
:D Ah, I love 'em...

I love you all so much, beloved people...

Love always, and a hug from up here!


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a good post!
That was such an Awesome weekend!
I love the picture of Gabby and her GREEN eyes!!
Thanks for posting Mariah, love you girl ;)
God bless-