Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Alyssa's Surprise B-Day Party!!


Table Settings.

The Guests,Food and Waiting!

The Piece of Artwork By Amy B.

Miss Happy- Gale B.

Place setting.



Amy B. And Kelsey Roub.


In one game we played you where given a sheet of paper
and you where suppose to write 3 things about yourself
that know one else knew! ;)
Lets see if I remeber any! :)

1. I like playing with Blocks
2. I want to learn to do Knot tying.
3. risk is one of my most favorite games.
4. I like Adventure Movies.

1.My last name means bell.
2. I have relitives still in italy.
Olivia Stone:
1. I have 1 head
2. 2 arms
3. and 2 legs!
Kathleen Orenzack:
1. I hate camping
2.I like to read

okay I can't think of any more, Sorry! :(

Miss Elise Orenzack


Amy really,
Are you kidding me?

Coffee fanatic!
We never could figure that out!

Olivia the hamster.


Two words.

The Cake!


The Stone Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALYSSA!!! I'm so sorry Anna and I couldn't make it. Looks like y'all had a good time without us though ;)
I LOVE that picture of Mrs. Bohannan being the "Coffee fanatic" That's hilarious!
Glad to see that you had such a good time. Were you surprised?
Love y'all!

Sabrina said...

I LOok soooooo funny!

And you look really surprised!!

Sabrina said...

you look soo surpised! :)

Amy B. said...

Boy, that was fun!

Yeah, the coffee fanatic was one of my favorites too!:) (Go Mommy!)

caterina said...

ok wait this is sabrinas mom....where am i during all this???????????? i must have illusioned being there....just kidding we had a great time!