Monday, May 16, 2011

State Federation

Good evening all,
Mariah and I had the pleasure of competing in a state competition in Jacksonville.
The experience was amazing, as were the musicians!
I hope ya'll enjoy looking at the pictures of our weekend!

My dear little siblings on our way there...

I'm smiling at Gracias expression!

The beautiful (talented)Singer...My sister Mariah. :)

Enjoying some food...Cookie crumbs to be exact.


In the evening, the winners from the year before performed...This piano concerto made me cry...It was a amazing!

Sweet Avery D. won 1st place for her age division!! Congrats girlie.

A smile...Excited, Nervous.

Enjoying our hotel...:)


After all our performances where finished, Daddy  treated us to some Frappes and Frozen lemonades!
Very entertaind by a "touch-screen"...Actually we where just trying to figure it out-I think it was broken! :P

She looks like she's advertising! lol...Gabby says: "If you ever get a frozen lemonade from Mikey-D's stir it around"...It tastes better" :)

Ahh...Do they look like their enjoying it?
If they do, it's because they are! :)

While there, we enjoyed visiting with our cousins.
Sweet,Precious,Adorable :)

Monsieur Cute!! 
Aka: Asher.

Aka: Oliver.

Impressive Delanie!

I really love this one...
He's watching baseball!!! *Sigh*

To be cont'd, up next:
St, Augustine!

Love in Christ,
Arrivi derci,
Alyssa and Mariah


Shannon said...

It looks like you had a very sweet time, spending time playing and singing for the Lord, and growing together as a family.

Many Blessings,

Every Endeavor said...

What a fun post. Congratulations on your competitions.
Praise God for wonderful musicians!

The Kendalls