Monday, May 02, 2011


Hello Everyone,
I know I'm a little late on this post... sorry.:(
 But A few weeks ago two of my Dear brothers had Birthdays!
I can hardly believe nick turned d18! and Jeremiah is Growing to be such a wonderful Gentleman of 13. :)
They are both such blessings to us and We are so thankful to the Lord for them!!!
We love you Two very much!
To celebrate there B-days we spent  Saturday going to a civil war  Education thing down town.
It was really neat!
That night we ate out and Sunday evening we were able to go tho the beach for the first time this year...(Hooray!:)
thanks for stoppin' in!


Listening, and examining, :)

 A demonstration!


 Talking on Medical in the 1800's

 Demonstration # 2


 "I love the smell of Gun powder in the Morning"


 After all had been said and seen, we took a walk down the street and went "sight seeing" around the neighborhood,
Reading about each Historical house.


Thought this was a neat picture! :)

 Gracia does a little dance...


 Birthday Boy

 That Famous Caption..."CUTE"

"Its for you!"

 Not that Historical...

 Old Fashion Coca that's history worth talking about ;)
While in the ACE store we found this in the back! filled with Cold Cokes...Well Cash turn to Change,and Change into Coke, and we found a nice little spot to rest and enjoy! :)

 Momma...I love this Picture.

 Crushing, Coke, Caps, Ccompetition

"Why is the Coke always gone?"

"Oh...That's why..."

And Now..."To The Beach!"

 "My first wave...your gonna' want to see it over and over and over again"

Sorry couldn't help it!

 Frankie and Gabby,

He's so cool!

 Happy Birthday you Two!!!
We LOVE YOU!!!!!



The Real Me! said...

What fun pictures. I have a birthday boy tomorrow. Brody turns 6. Yay!
I love the picture of you in the mirror Riah! Very nice.
Oh and FYI Nick is skim boarding not surfing. No waves needed. LOL!
Love ya girlie!

The Campana Family said...

L.O.L. Skim Boarding is a blast too!
We had to throw that movie quote in for the fun of it! :)

Shannon said...

Happy Birthdays!!! Looks like ya'll had a wonderful day....:)

In Christ,

Mortonclan said...

Very neat post guys. Good job.

"Love you,love your show,huge fan"
Ha Ha...(Remember the the pigion on Bolt?)

:) Cleveo

OurLilFullFam said...

Happy birthday to your brothers.

What a neat history trip you had. I had to chuckle at that medical picture. They just had something like that here in SC last month and were talking about their basket they carried around. Very different than nowdays with medical supplies!

We have not ventured to the ocean yet this year, but are going next week!