Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lovely pictures of the house...and various Saturdays.


I just love the clouds!!

We have found Atvs as very useful work tools....and apparently, Frank has found another use!

Yes...a nice comfy perch to take an after-noon snooze, in the warm FL sunshine!

Our train on it's way to sell oranges. :)

Not that's what I call CUTE!
A very handsome bug...(if I do say so myself :)

He looks so tuff!...Just like the worker he is!

Ah...Our ever-faithful sign, and sign-holder!

The sun has dazed us...we smile for no apparent reason!


 Refreshment...One thing is for sure, we shall never get scurvy! ;)

I don't exactly know what they are laughing about...but don't they look alike? 

 More afternoon naps in the FL Sunshine! ;)



See that person way up there?
Thats daddy :)

Mulberry picking! Our ingenious plan (after many attempts, why had we not thought of it before?) was to shake the tree, and have a tarp under-neath!
So, PRESTO....the berries fall into the tarp (along with twigs and bugs of all kinds) rather then fall on the ground, never to be seen again! ;) Oh, if you  only could have seen many brains racked all for the enjoyment, that a piece of Mulberry cobbler can bring!

There they are!

Picking off the stems...a task that includes stained fingers!

Well goodnight all,
And might we add that in less than 30mins our lilttle brother will be turning 13!

He is such a dear, and we are so blessed to have such a brother!
He always knows when you need a hug, or a laugh!
Love you Jeremiah!

In Chirst,
~The Campana Girls ~



Amy B. said...


How's it feel to be a teenager? (hee hee)

Cool photos... my fave is the one with Mariah holding up the flower- pretty awesome... (Nice editing, Alyssa :))

Have an awesome day!!!

Shannon said...

Your home is so beautiful! Mulberries, oranges... they all sound so delicious!

Thank you for sharing!

In Christ,

{Happy Birthday Jeremiah!}