Monday, April 04, 2011

Bohannans Baby shower!

A taste of Florida...Early in the evening We stopped to watch the Launch go off the Sunset made such pretty colors! later Mr. Roub had us all looking out for the space station!which we watched move across the black sky.                               
                                       Daddy and Momma                                  
Alyssa's Amazing cake!!!
Didn't she do a wonderful job?!
"Boy...That's a nice Hat Frankie"
 Team" Blue C turtle?" :)
 Present time...
 This is the amazing blanket the younger girls of our church made!!!
Melody, Morgan, Gabby, and Lauren.
You girls did such a good Job!
Mr. Willer trys it out for size.
Such a pretty Smile...
 Keeping warm around the grill!...

Thats all for now Ya'll...
God bless 
The Campana Family

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