Monday, April 04, 2011

50-25-50 party-.Setting up:

Hello Everyone!
Sunday we threw an Anniversary party for the Dear Willer Family.
The Friday before, Our Family went over and set up...The Gray Family Came over a little later, and we had such a pleasant evening!
Pictures of the party soon to come.
Momma coordinating....

At work...
We went all over the Willers house and found every lawn chair, bench and stool we could. :)

We all got a real kick out of this!
Talk about Multitasking


Utter cuteness...I love hims SO much!

Hanging up the lights...

Frank was in charge of plugging everything in.

Morgan conspires to pull Williams ladder....

 Nick and William would like to see her try!



Personal space...
The down picture...Morgan looks into the interesting bucket, while Nick is fascinated with the moulch.:)

"He didn't fall?...Inconceivible!!"

Two Handsome fella's!

One purty gal!

Having fun holding Jubaleah G.!

 What a cute lil' Baby!

Mariah describing her delima...( not enough lights ;) 

Mommas chandelier!... :)

Dinner time came around and we all Ordered Dominos Pizza...Like I said we found any chair, bench, or stool we could...Nick found his seat in the Garage.

Hope you've enjoyed!
The Campana Family~


Mortonclan said...

Hey y'all, Cleve here. It's great to see that the Campana blog is in "full gear, full mode"
Good posting guys.
We love y'all

"Thanks,God bless.....Chuck" :)

Shannon said...

what a sweet time of preparation you all had. It all looks very lovely!

In Christ's love,