Sunday, April 10, 2011

50-25-50 Party!

Last Sunday We had the pleasure of putting together a party for the Dear Willer family to Celebrate Mr.And Mrs.Willers 25th Anniversary and there Birthdays!
Church was hosted at there house and following was the party outdoors under the cool shade of there barn.
it was such a sweet time of fellowship ,And a time to be able to bless them as they shared 25 years of faithfulness.


Mrs. S. holding sweet baby Peter B.

Gabriella and Gracia enjoy chips...

Frankie and James enjoy some also!

Love this pair!


Mr. Boaz

Cute lil' Valorie enjoys chips appears as though chips where very popular at this party! ;)

 The girls congregate around one of the chip tables.


Poco and Boaz

The lunch line!

Grape eating #1

And #2 :)

Kelsey and Alyssa after a "Hearty helping"

A lot of plates for two people?...Either they ate that much...or there companions left them? decide.

Ahha! That Amazing salad of the Roubs!

Our very dear Brother....Nick.

L.O.L. this one we found quite humorous...

The barn...

After lunch we prepared for Mr.and Mrs. Willers renewing of their vowels...Hannah, Melody and I put Candles in the lake.


Baby Kate styles a new way of holding her "Sippy-cup!"

Sweet young ladies: Lauren, Gabby, Melody, and Morgan

A painting of the floating candle. (A.K.A. photoshop:)

Gracia watches as the fish try to eat the floating candles:)

The Crowd

Mr.and Mrs.Willer recite their vows!

After this Mr.R Came up and sang to them "Dancing in the minefields" In a way Mr.R can only sing it!:)

The Cake!!!
        The Silver cow bell went with our hoe-down theme along with symbolizing 25 years.
 (not the cow bell, the silver:)

Cake Detail.

Morgan W.'s Adorable Cake topper!

Very Sweet!


Gracia holds baby peter!
Something she thoroughly enjoyed!
Prov. and her good friend "Wilson"  ;)

No Hoe down is complete with out Bluegrass music!

Young Mr.R.
A very merry band!

Boots,Boots, Boots...

And more boots!

Girls Picture!

And now we Attempt to do a "Funny" Picture!

Hands...And those notorious chips!

Daddy And Mr.and Mrs.Willer Sr.

Thanks for stoppin' by!
The Campana Girls


The Real Me! said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Miss you gals.

Mortonclan said...

Hey y'all, Great post.
The bluegrass band is look'n good, we like the cowboy hats. Very smooth :)
Hope to see y'all soon