Sunday, June 22, 2014

Winter Happenings...

Good grief! It has been forever since we last posted!
So much is happening, and so much has happened...Here now is a brief synopsis of some of the many things that we've been up to.
 I'll let the pictures do the talking... :)

Early February (if my mind does not fail me), the Morton Family came down for a weekend, while the guys were busy siding our grandparents house us girls sought out a wedding dress for Martha!

Photo buddy's :)

This amazingly large mirror made for fun group pictures!...apparently only Adeline, Gabby and I got the memo. 

Better. :)
February also brought our dear Grandpa's 90th birthday!

The great feast and celebration was held at the family's "memorable" yacht club. :)
Our grandpa was in the Navy, and was a big sailor.
Mamma and her family spent many of their chu

I was tickled by the videos of momma and her siblings as tots.

Jeremiah poses as the stately prep boy,  amongst the humoring cousins 


Mr. Handsome in his spiffy bow tie.

The Saintly Seven.

Family Groupie

The Johnston's come for a visit!
We where soo blessed and encouraged to have them come.

Our young princesses, hosted an amazing and very dramatic  performance.  

Love these girls! 
(Notice the amazing -unintentional- color coordination)

Amazing Momma's!

Dear little Franco got hit by an air soft so perfectly I couldn't resist posting a picture. "a bulls-eye, excellent shot Maurice!"

March brought so much company, but the best of it was when Marcus, Megan and little Ry-Ry came! 

My precious boys! 

I do realize that we are posting quite a few pictures of little munchkin, but as aunties it is our duty.
We hope you understand :)

We were so happy they could be here for Daddy's birthday! 
FYI St. Patrick's day is forever changed!

We love Megan soo much! She has definitely taken her rightful place as "big-sister".
She fits in with our family so well.

Family pic! they're adorbs! It was such a Joy having them.

We girls had the privilege to sing at T.K.N's Friday music night.

Orange sellin' time!

Who could say "no" to that face!?

While waiting for costumers... I feel artsie. :)

 O.J. "My life is gooood"

Each year we strive to find the biggest/prettiest Orange...I think this one took the prize! 

Much time was spent in the "finishing up" of our Grandparents house... here's some pics of us kids painting the baseboards.
Thanks Zack for your help!

Gabby and I took great pleasure in decorating Jay's shirt...

It's new and improved. 

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