Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Bohannas SURPRISE baby shower and visits and Ben's B-day!

Talking on how we met the B's.

Playing the "baby food" game!!!
(Mr.Orenzack and Mr.Gray)

Mr. and Mrs.Gray
Oh and "Muffin" ( Sarah-Jane)

Mr and Mrs.Orenzack

Nick and Lily

Mr. Bohannan

Cutting the cake!

Brennan Roubs Violin was soooooo cute
I think all the Kids were having fun playing a Violin that was there size! Gracia Playing Brennan's Violin



Mom and Alyssa in the Kitchen


We where blessed to have the B. Family over our house 2 days in a row,
The B. gentlemen help daddy with the Van,
And the ladies kept us company,
And help with much in-doors!

Gracia & Ginger

Icing the cake for Ben's Birthday!


Dad Nick, and Mr. Bohannan working on our van!

The crew!


The inside

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