Friday, March 09, 2012

Danny and Bethany's Wedding!

We where so blessed to be able to attend the Marriage ceremony of two dear friends,
We love you Danny and Beth!

Mia Sorella singing...

Mia bella Madre!

Here comes the bride!

Cutsie Essie!

This is adorable! 

LOL ya'lls facial expressions are the best!

Gabs and Shelby, such a fun pair.

"I really mustache you a question...but I'll shave it for later..." :)

Two amigos...they go way back! :)
( Woody and Buzz)

If you don't believe my stories true ask the blind guy...he saw it too! ...

... :)

Such a cute couple!

( insert-caption)

Sweet Friends!

Arrivi derci!

The Campana family...


OurLilFullFam said...

Pretty neat pics of the wedding!


S. Knudson said...

Oh, There such a cute couple!
Thanks for posting about the wedding.

Hope all is well.