Monday, February 27, 2012

Calathora New years ball 2011...

Sorry this is late...Computer crashes and busyness are to blame ;)

Once again we had the pleasure of attending the M. Family's new years ball!

My darling siblings!
Colonial Frank ad Victorian Gracia.

The Alan S. family/ Dr. Kent Hovind :)

Mr H. Made us all laugh...with his "hysterical" character...

The rest of the H.

The R.'s...

And B.'s!

Mia Padre!

Our dear host family!!!

I love all the tux's and bow-ties... 

Little ladies enjoying the food line..."did you try the meatballs?" 

Bon apetite!

Momma and Mrs.W

Sweet girls -they missed Rose!


And now! :)

Sweet Taylor and Mrs.M




Eye spy Mr R!

Gracia Definitely had the camera!

Lovely Lise!

The Spaniards...

Los primos españoles de la pelota calathora año nuevo decir hola!

Trying to "look" serious...seriously?!? ;)
Don't they look so epic?

The lady and her maid...

Dear sisters...Make you smile!

Well that's all for now folks...


Rora Valley said...

Love all the pictures...the last two are so cute! Miss y'all lots!!

Love, Grace

The Kendalls said...

Great Post!! Love it... Thanks so much for coming to visit us. It was such fun!


Kennie said...

Awesome post!!
Miss yall.

Mortonclan said...

Yayyyy!!! A postling!! We've loved looking through the pictures...the old one of Andrew, Sam and Nick had me and Marth rolling!!

Love y'all-so super much!

Poog and Marth

The Hagen Family said...

Hi Y'all!
Sarah and Angela here, we loved looking at all the pictures. Y'all are so fun! Hope to see y'all soon.
Angela and Sarah

pasco community said...

Yay!!! Thanks for love Duckie! ;)