Monday, March 19, 2012

Ski and Snowboarding trip!

February our family went on a Skiing trip that Willie had put together (Thanks Willie!).
We had soo much fun! And we where extremely blessed by the dear Kendall family's hospitality!

Early in the morning we headed of to the ski resort with Christiana and Hunter,
We had soo much fun singing, talking and listening to Christiana's stories ; )

Well don't they look excited (and sleepy, ;)

Poco all ready to go, and enjoying a couple of gummy-worms :)

Here's Gab's after a slight fall :)

My Gracie girl!


Love this picture of you Christiana!

That's my boy, I loved watching him snowboard!

Jay, he too was an awesome snowboader!

Us girls on our way up...

What a cute face.

Chandler and Prentiss...such a fun couple!




Here's Frank in action!



Another picture of the fabulous Gibbles! 

 It was so much fun to watch daddy ski!


This is one of our favorite pictures of the whole trip!
Notice the Daisy in the back...

...And this is the second favorite...(Before and after! LOL)

My family,with the exception of myself and Nick :(

Posing for a picture.


 Saturday evening, the Kendalls put together a Little marriage conf. 

Enjoying the delicious meal Mrs.Kendall prepared!!!!

I love my parents!!!!!!

A sweet friend and her adorable niece Rensley!!

Until Next time,

Alyssa and Mariah


Anonymous said...

dear campana family are you related to the mortons? nice pictures

The McArthur Family said...

Enjoyed your photos! Glad you enjoyed good fellowship!

Mrs. Beth

The Campana Family said...

To our first commenter...
No we are not related to the Mortons,
But they are very close friends! :)

Thank you Mrs.Beth!
We love comments from you :)

The Kendalls said...

Finally...... Thanks for posting! It was great having yall up again.

pasco community said...

Um...that person falling who you say is so called "daisy" if you look closer, viewers, that most certainly isn't who they say! Look again.
Haha...thx campanas! The first pic I see of me boarding is a wipe out! Lol
Thz for posting enjoyed!
Duckie (the one who ate the snow) :-)

The Campana Family said...

Thxs for the Comment Hunter!
Now it's ya'lls turn to post ;)

Daisy...that most certainly was you!
Because I remember calling down to you, while you were lying there!
Miss ya!!!


The Kendalls said...

What FuN times we have with y'all! Thanks for posting! Can't wait till next time. Y'all are so much fun:)


pasco community said...

Haha! I remember that! Okay, ok...maybe it was me
Hehe thx...