Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Kressys Cookies

then one Night Kressy
made the best Chocolate Cookies.

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SmithFamily said...

Ah ha! I've finally found it, lol! I didn't realize y'all had a blog untill you mentioned it Aunt Lisa. What fun! I'm sure looking forward to the jolly updates on our darling Campanas;)
Alyssa and Mariah, the pics y'all posted of Gabby are just hilarious!
Nick and JJ, I'm so proud of the way y'all work with your father. And how each of you kids try to support him and his vision as he follows after the Lord. Three cheers y'all!!!

We sure had fun with all of ya this past weekend. Aunt Lisa, You've got me all hyped up about seeing the progress on y'alls house, with all the talk about it.
Looking forward to seeing y'all sometime soon Lord willing! May He bless and keep y'all till then:)