Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hello every one!!!!
We got tagged a little bit ago and I never got round to it :)
But as to who we got tagged by .....
The Smith Family And... The Hagen Family!

So since we got tagged twice we get to write 14 things about ourselves!

Okay, for the first Seven I thought it would be cool to write a couple of
things about each of us kids since there's Seven of us ;)

1. Nick: Plays the guitar, Enjoys helping our dad build our house and driving his Suzuki Samurai!

2. Alyssa: Plays the Piano, Loves Reading and baking, sewing and cooking and History!

3. Mariah: Enjoys.... Taking Pictures, Playing the Piano, Sewing, cooking,

4. Jeremiah: Love's.... Anything that has to do with the military, Reading,
Playing the Banjo and History!

5. Gabriella: Love's.... Drawing, Coloring And.. well... Drawing!!!
Oh and she love school!
(by-the-way she's very good at math )

6. Gracia: likes... Hamsters, piano and school!

7. Frankie: things that I could say about him could be miles long!
so I'll just stick to a few :)
He Likes anything Jeremiah likes!
And enjoys doing school!

Well that's all for us Kid's!

Okay now I 'm Going to tag some People's!

1. Brooke @ Making of a maiden

2. The Bohannan Family

3. The Roub Family

4. The Stone Family

5. The Orenzack Family


7. You!!!!

The Rules Are:
You must link back to the person who tagged you,
Write 7 things About you /your family.
And tag 7 other people!

I post the other sevens things another time!


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