Sunday, March 08, 2009

A Saturday At the grove

Hi everyone,
Sorry we haven't posted in a while :0(

This Saturday we finished the scallops on the dormer,
Sold Oranges,
And went for a farm presentation down the street!

Mr. B.
Nick and Mr.G

The House!

Getting Started on the dormer.



Frank with a "Rolly-Polly" Bug.


Here is the only Pic's Of the presentation
Aren't they just lovely?

Selling Oranges...
Amy B.
"Please Buy our oranges!"
Hannah B. ( Holding water)
Alyssa ( Behind the sign)

Hannah B. And Alyssa

Hannah B. Again

Gotta Go!


1 comment:

Amy B. said...

wow... talk about deja vu...:)