Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday To The cutest 11 year old boy in the world!

Today is Jeremiahs birthday and he's 11!!!

We Love you J.J.!!

Okay know for a little a little "J.J. Trivia!!

1. What Does J.J. stand for?

2. Whats his favorite type of food?
1. Italian
2. BBQ
3. Mexican

3. What is his favorite style of music
1. Country
2. Bluegrass

4.What is his Favorite branch of the Military?
1. Marines
4.Air force

Okay that's all for today come back tomorrow for a quiz on Nick!
( his B-day is tomorrow!)


heatheroren said...

Happy Birthday J.J! Happy Birthday Nick!

The Orenczak Family

Sabrina said...

happy birthday J.!!!

zippy said she wants to see you!!??

happy b-day nick!!

how old are tomorow??

zaza said happpy b-day to both of you!!


Sabrina & Xzavier

Anonymous said...

1. Jeremiah Justice
2. Italian
3. Bluegrass
4. Army

How did I do?

Love, Cousin Becki

The Real Me! said...

Okay my guesses on the J.J. Trivia are these.
1.J.J. stands for Jeremiah James?
2. Mexican
3. Country
4. Air Force

How did I do? You must tell me! LOL.
Love you guys!!!