Thursday, July 30, 2009

Here are some pictures of us at the grove this past Saturday.


Before We put the electrical Box up.

isn't she a beaut'?


Team Work.
Daddy and Mr.Willer

Lovely Momma

Mariahs art #1

# 2


Gabby Cleaning the "pool" out.
You should have seen what we had before that pool!
All I shall say is what a upgrade!

I love new Cameras!

I don't know what this is...
But I know what it does!... :)

... This!

Mrs.Willer and Momma ,
Discussing the kitchen layout.

The Willer kids and The little kid 'round here are building a town...

Art # 4

Art #5

An attempt to play baseball

# 6

We lost our ball so...

William W.

Relaxing on... something :)



The Real Me! said...

Love the pictures!!! Lots of hard work and fun!

HicksHappnins said...

Look like you guys had alot of fun!
Love the pics. Miss you guys alot!
Lots of love,

Amy B. said...


I love the town idea!